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Summer Moon is a 2D stealth-survival horror game.

Play as one of the four Sylvian Witches and attempt to free your sisters from imprisonment inside the Cursed Village, all while avoiding being captured by the witch-hunting villagers.

Development on this game began in June. The current release is an early version, and is subject to updates over time. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments if you notice any problems or bugs with the game.


  • A six-slot inventory system.
  • Various items and objects to interact with.
  • Interior and exterior environments to explore.
  • AI Enemies which will search for and chase after the player. Enemies may also hide in the environment and ambush the player at times.
  • Hiding places to stay out of the view of enemies.
  • Puzzles which involve using items or interacting with objects.
  • Eerie sound design and 2D lighting used to create a dark, engrossing experience.

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Here's our first attempt! Awesome start, and it looks great. I'm looking forward to diving in further when I get a chance!

Thanks for playing! Glad you've enjoyed it so far!


This game was interesting. I liked the puzzles. The art was cool. I like the concept and I was legit scared. I played it on stream and made a highlight if it's helpful to you at all. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/783781195?filter=highlights&sort=time

Thank you for playing!


Hello again, thank you for replying to my previous comments, I tried the game again and after the update it's really not hard to escape the villagers for which I'm very glad, I finished the game and I really enjoyed it, the environment, art style and sound effects were very good, I liked the concept of it, the only thing I'd like say is that maybe if there were a few more dialogues with the sisters in the end of the game when they all reunite beside just the ending screen would have been great but over all it was a short and sweet little game, good work :) 

Thank you for your feedback, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it!


Hello, I played this game and I was really enjoying it till when the villagers got too annoying to escape from, for example there is no save point in the game and when you die you have to start all over again and imo if there's no saving then when I hide in the small "huts" the villagers shouldn't kill me cause whenever I'm on a chase sequence I can't seem to lose them and when I hide in the "huts" they still kill me which doesn't seem very fair (seeing that there are no save points). I'm still going to try a few more times, if you could adjust the survival element by either adding save points or make it a bit easier to lose the villagers then it'll be a very neat little game :)

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Hey! Thanks for letting me know, I updated the game with a lower movement speed for the villagers. I'll potentially also create a setting to change the overall difficulty in the next update.

I wasn't originally considering adding save points because I was unsure if the game lasted long enough to merit having a save option, but since you've recommended that I'll definitely look into it as well.

Thank you again for the feedback!

Thank you for replying and that's good to hear, one question: do I just have to run around for a while to lose the villagers? cause I've tried that multiple times but they don't seem to stop and just kill me eventually, I've also tried to hide in the "huts" but they still kill me even when I'm hiding. I'll definitely try it again when you update it because I really like its style :)

Yeah, the idea is that you just need to outrun the villagers in order to escape them. Now that their movement speed is a bit lower,  it should hopefully be easier to lose them.  I'll make another update soon where you have the option to change how fast the villagers move.

In regards to the huts, a villager will still be able to find you if you enter a hut while you are being chased. Huts currently only work as a hiding place if you enter one without being detected. I might make some changes to this function as well, though.